Midnight DJ’s Specialises in weddings & Corporate Events:

Wouldn’t it be great if you can hire that one person who you share exactly what you want and have them deliver it on the night! At Midnight DJ’s there more than just DJ Company.

There your event Coordinator …There Wedding Planner … There Personal Assistant … There your Entertainment … There your Masters of Ceremonies …They take ownership in assisting and managing your night from start to finish.

Midnight DJ’s has been in the event entertainment industry since 1995.

Whether you’re having your annual awards night, presentation night, Product launch party, Fashion parade, Industry exhibition or Christmas Party! Talk to Midnight DJ’s today with your plans and let them show you how their products and services can make your event a great success.

Midnight DJ’s understands being the person who is in charge of organizing the event can be very daunting and stressful. They know your function is very special and important to you that’s why they offer you a more personalised and comprehensive service that you’ve never experienced before.

Prior to event evening they will ask you a serious of questions in developing an understanding of how you would like your special night to unfold yet they will make suggestions on what works best and in what order. After they have covered everything from Times, Events though out the night and music selections … they will then put together a formal Running Sheet or schedule for everyone to follow by at your event.

Usually there first time clients get blown away with simple things that Midnight DJ’s do like for example when having presentations, awards and calling people up … Midnight DJ’s customises a song according to that person / award or the theme of the night building momentum and just an outright awesome experience for everyone.

Please give us a call and also ask us about other services we offer to make your night a great success!

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