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Midnight DJ’s Specialises in weddings & Corporate Events:

Wouldn’t it be great if you can hire that one person who you share your dream wedding details with and have them deliver it on the night perfectly exactly how you want it?

At Midnight DJ’s there more than just DJ Company.

There your Wedding Coordinator …There Wedding Planner … There Personal Assistant … There your Entertainment … There your Masters of Ceremonies …They take ownership in assisting and managing your night from start to finish.

Midnight DJ’s has been in the wedding and corporate industry since 1995.

They know your function is very special and important to you that’s why they offer you a more personalised and comprehensive service that you’ve never experienced before.

Prior to event evening they will ask you a serious of questions in developing an understanding of how you would like your special night to unfold yet they will make suggestions on what works best and in what order. After they have covered everything from Times, Events though out the night and music selections … they will then put together a formal Running Sheet or schedule for everyone to follow by at your event.

Please remember everything including music is customised to exactly how you want it to be. Here are some examples of what we call The Main Events …

Bridal Party entrance … Bride & Groom Entrance … Cutting of the cake … Bridal Waltz … Speeches … Toasting … Father & Daughter Dance … Son & Mother Dance … Garter Toss … Flower Toss … Farewell Arch or Circle.

They have a vast range of music styles for you to choose from. Songs from the 50’s to the latest top 40 chart hits. Music styles range from 70’s – 80’s Retro, R’n’B Old School & Modern, Rock’ n ’Roll, Aussie Rock, Top 40 Dance – House tracks and more. Australia being a multi-cultural country they also understand the styles of music in Arabic, Italian, Greek, Macedonian, Indian, Spanish and more

Now that you’ve got all your entertainment organised with Midnight DJ’s, the last thing you want is to think and worry about other things such as the reception staff, cameraman and photographer. How would you share everything over again with them! Don’t worry as Midnight DJ’s will notify them of everything beforehand and also liaise with them throughout the night? Working together as a team everyone will be informed with a running sheet to make your night a great success.

Entertainment is a crucial part of a wedding or any event, in fact the entertainment you choose could very well be the most important decision you’ll have to make. It can either make your party a great success or make it a complete flop.

Entertainers are entrusted to keep a cheerful and festive “fun” atmosphere ambiance & feel throughout the night for you and your guests. At Midnight DJ’s, they create this feeling by entertaining you and your guests with just the right blend of the favorite and most popular music, making a momentous occasion for all.

Your night is almost here … It’s time to decide…don’t risk your one special night.
Call Midnight DJ’s now for a chat …they guarantee you’ll be happy.

“We care to make your night a great success” By Nader Elalfy.

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